The perspective of the teaching of arts projected by H. Gardner and the National Syllabus Parameters - (arts) of elementary school

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Univ Federal Goias


In a concise way, the article reports part of the Master of Arts dissertation in Music entitled The meaning of the teaching of Arts in H. Gardner's perspective, presented in the IAUNESP [Arts Institute-State of Sao Paulo University] in 2008. Some considerations on the Statutory Law n. 11.769/08 were added to the original text. The produced research had an exploratory nature and a theoretical mark. Some texts by Howard Gardner, by the psychologist Eliane Leao, as well as the text of the National Syllabus Parameters-Art, from the Department of Elementary Education, served as a foundation for this article. The intended aim was to demonstrate to what extent the pedagogical proposition of the Arts Education projected by H. Gardner is similar to the one proposed by the National Syllabus Parameters, and which would the benefits be in this age group of an artistic sensitizing work for the development of the individual's personality.



H. Gardner, PCN [NSP] - Arts, Arts teaching

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Musica Hodie. Goiania Go: Univ Federal Goias, v. 8, n. 2, p. 127-143, 2008.