Metastatic melanoma of the tongue: a case report with immunohistochemical profile

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Alves, Monica Ghislaine O. [UNESP]
Chagas, Luciene R.
Carvalho, Yasmin R. [UNESP]
Cabral, Luiz A. G. [UNESP]
Coletta, Ricardo D.
Almeida, Janete D. [UNESP]

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BackgroundMelanoma of the skin is characterised by a high metastatic potential, but reports of metastasis to the tongue are rare. We report a case of skin melanoma with metastasis to the lymph nodes, tongue and brain.ObjectivesThis report highlights the clinical and histological features of oral metastatic melanoma.Case reportA 72-year-old man was seen with a nodule on the tongue. The differential diagnosis included salivary gland tumour, lymphoma and metastatic melanoma. His medical history revealed treatment for melanoma in the periumbilical region and micrometastases in the inguinal lymph nodes. An incisional biopsy was obtained and histological analysis showed the presence of a solid, epithelioid malignant tumour of monotonous appearance infiltrating the skeletal musculature. Immunohistochemistry showed reactivity of neoplastic cells to anti-HMB45, anti-melan A and anti-S100 antibodies and negativity for anti-PAN cytokeratin, confirming the diagnosis of metastatic melanoma.ConclusionThe present findings highlight the importance of a complete medical evaluation of the patient by anamnesis to identify possible oral repercussions of primary diseases in other organs and/or systems.



oral mucosa, melanoma, oral cancer, skin cancer, immunohistochemistry

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Gerodontology. Hoboken: Wiley-blackwell, v. 31, n. 4, p. 314-319, 2014.