Volumetric microleakage assessment of glass-ionomer-resin composite hybrid materials

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De Magalhães, Cláudia Silami
Serra, Mônica Campos
Rodrigues Jr., Antônio Luiz

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Objective: This study was intended to quantify the marginal leakage of three glass-ionomer-resin composite hybrid materials and compare it with the leakage exhibited by a glass-ionomer cement and a bonded resin composite system. Method and materials: Standardized Class V cavities were prepared on root surfaces of 105 extracted human teeth, randomly assigned to five groups of 21 each, and restored with either Ketac-Fil Aplicap, Z100/Scotchbond Multi-Purpose Plus, Vitremer, Photac-FH Aplicap, or Dyract. The teeth were thermally stressed for 500 cycles and stained with methylene blue. The microleakage was quantified spectrophotometrically, and the data were statistically analyzed with Friedman's test. Results: There were no significant differences in microleakage among the five groups. Restorations of all tested materials showed some marginal leakage in Class V cavities. Conclusion: The microleakage performance of glass-ionomer-resin composite hybrid materials was similar to those of a conventional glass-ionomer and a bonded resin composite system.



Class V cavity, Glass-ionomer cement, Glass-ionomer-resin composite hybrid material, Marginal leakage, Resin composite, Volumetric microleakage

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Quintessence International, v. 30, n. 2, p. 117-121, 1999.