Reliability of electromyography parameters during stair deambulation in patellofemoral pain syndrome


Reliability is essential to all aspects of the measure, as it shows the quality of the information and allows rational conclusions with regard to the data. There has been controversial results regarding the reliability of electromyo-graphic parameters assessed during stair ascent and descent in individuals with patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS). Therefore, this study aims to determine the reliability of time and frequency domain electromyographic parameters on both gestures in women with PFPS. Thirty-one women with PFPS were selected to participate in this study. Data from vastus lateralis and medialis were collected during stair deambulation. The selected parameters were: automatic onset, median frequency bands of low, medium and high frequency. Reliability was determined by intraclass correlation coe-fficient and the standard error of measurement. The frequency domain variables have shown good reliability, with the stair ascent presenting the best rates. On the other hand, onset has proved to be inconsistent in all measures. Our findings suggest that stair ascent is more reliable than stair descent to evaluate subjects with PFPS in the most cases.



Electromyography, Patellofemoral pain syndrome, Reproducibility of results

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Motriz. Revista de Educacao Fisica, v. 21, n. 2, p. 207-213, 2015.