The quality of the physical environment of outdoor academies

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Maia, Marina Lisboa [UNESP]
de Castro Fontes, Maria Solange Gurgel [UNESP]
Magagnin, Renata Cardoso [UNESP]

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Outdoor gyms (AAL's) are contemporary urban infrastructures designed to encourage physical exercise in open spaces, whether public or private. They exert an influence on the urban environment and provide a broad field of research, especially related to the impact on people's quality of life. This impact requires academies endowed with a quality physical environment, be it in its base, border and surroundings. In this context, this paper shows a method to evaluate the quality of the AAL's base, applied in 10 academies in Bauru-SP, Brazil. The results highlight aspects related to the themes Accessibility, Comfort, Uses and Activities and Sociability, which favor and/or compromise the quality of the physical environment, and show that the proposed method is an effective tool for: 1. Use in interventions in the AAL's evaluated; 2. Planning of similar spaces and 3. Comparison between different AAL's.



Open public spaces, Outdoor gyms, Quality index of the physical environment

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Revista Portuguesa de Estudos Regionais, n. 54, p. 81-91, 2020.