Pure spinor formalism as an N ≤ 2 topological string

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Berkovits, Nathan [UNESP]

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Following suggestions of Nekrasov and Siegel, a non-minimal set of fields are added to the pure spinor formalism for the superstring. Twisted ĉ ≤ 3 N ≤ 2 generators are then constructed where the pure spinor BRST operator is the fermionic spin-one generator, and the formalism is interpreted as a critical topological string. Three applications of this topological string theory include the super-Poincaré covariant computation of multiloop superstring amplitudes without picture-changing operators, the construction of a cubic open superstring field theory without contact-term problems, and a new four-dimensional version of the pure spinor formalism which computes F-terms in the spacetime action. © SISSA 2005.



Superstrings and Heterotic Strings, Topological Strings

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Journal of High Energy Physics, n. 10, p. 2157-2185, 2005.