Intercommissural width in 4 racial groups as a guide for the selection of maxillary anterior teeth in complete dentures

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Varjão, Fabiana Mansur [UNESP]
Nogueira, Sergio Sualdini [UNESP]

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Purpose: To determine whether intercommissural width is a reliable guide for the selection of maxillary denture teeth width. Materials and Methods: Casts were made of 160 subjects from 4 different racial groups. Locations of intercommissural width landmarks (the corners of the mouth) were made on the subjects and transferred to the casts. The distances between the corners of the mouth and the distal of the canines were measured on the casts and compared. Results: A weak correlation was found between the distal of the canines and the distance between the corners of the mouth in the 4 racial groups. Conclusion: The use of the corners of the mouth for the selection of artificial teeth is generally inaccurate.



adolescent, adult, analysis of variance, dental care, denture, female, histology, human, male, methodology, nonparametric test, odontometry, race, tooth arch, tooth prosthesis, Adolescent, Adult, Analysis of Variance, Continental Population Groups, Dental Arch, Dental Models, Denture Design, Denture, Complete, Upper, Female, Humans, Male, Odontometry, Statistics, Nonparametric, Tooth, Artificial

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International Journal of Prosthodontics, v. 18, n. 6, p. 513-515, 2005.