Non-isothermal kinetic of oxidation of tungsten carbide

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Ribeiro, Clovis Augusto [UNESP]
de Souza, W. R.
Crespi, Marisa Spirandeli [UNESP]
Gomes Neto, José Anchieta [UNESP]
Fertonani, F. L.

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Tungsten carbide, WC, has shown dissimilar thermal behavior when it is heated on changeable heating rate and flow of oxidant atmosphere. The oxidation of WC to WO3 tends to be in a single and slow kinetic step on slow heating rate and/or low flux of air. Kinetic parameters, on non-isothermal condition, could be evaluated to the oxidation of WC to heating rate below 15 degrees C min(-1) or low flow of air (10 mL min(-1)). The reaction is governed by nucleation and growth at 5 to 10 degrees C min(-1) then the tendency is to be autocatalytic, JMA and SB, respectively.



kinetic model, non-isothermal kinetics, oxidation, tungsten carbide

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Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. Dordrecht: Springer, v. 90, n. 3, p. 801-805, 2007.