On the morphology of the digestive system of two Moomorium ant species

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Solis, Daniel Russ [UNESP]
Rossi, Monica Lanzoni
Paterson Fox, Eduardo Goncalves
Nogueira, Neusa de Lima
Ossamu Tanaka, Francisco Andre
Bueno, Odair Correa [UNESP]

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Univ Arizona


The digestive system of adults and mature larvae of two ant species of Monomorium Mayr (Hymoneptera: Formicidae) were described with the aid of light and scanning electron microscopy, as there is a lack of studies in this area. These two ant species are recurrently found in urban habitats and are known as 'tramp species,' as they cause problems in households, businesses, and hospitals. The most interesting finds of the present study include the existence of spinules in the crop of adults, and the number of Malpighian tubules and rectal pads was constant among different castes, ages, and species.



Formicidae, Monomorium floricola, Monomorium pharaonis, Myrmicinae, Solenopsidini, tramp species

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Journal of Insect Science. Tucson: Univ Arizona, v. 13, 13 p., 2013.