Five supposedly well-known species of Leptogium section Mallotium

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Kitaura, Marcos Junji [UNESP]
Marcelli, Marcelo Pinto
Jungbluth, Patrícia [UNESP]
Hora, Bianca Regina da [UNESP]

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The revision and detailed description of type specimens of five supposedly well-known hairy Leptogium species revealed taxonomically relevant new data. Both holotype and isotype of L. capense are a mixture of species and a new lectotype is designated. A new isotype of L. decipiens was found at E. The protologue of L. inversum mentioned marginal apothecia but the holotype has just laminal and sub-marginal apothecia. The lectotype duplicate of L. resupinans is not really a fragment of the lectotype and must be considered as syntype. The apothecia of L. scrobiculatum are described for the first time.



Collemataceae, Cylindrical cells, Hairs, Type material

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Mycosphere, v. 4, n. 3, p. 520-530, 2013.