A new species of the Rhinella margaritifera group (Anura: Bufonidae) from Brazilian Pantanal

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Ávila, Robson W. [UNESP]
Pansonato, André
Strüssmann, Christine

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We describe adult morphology, advertisement call and some natural history traits of a new species of toad from the Pantanal, western Brazil. Rhinella paraguayensis sp. nov. belongs to the Rhinella margaritifera group, and is characterized by medium size, snout rounded in dorsal view, with a vertical apical ridge, supraorbital crests weakly developed, parietal crest not well developed, postorbital crest prominent, presence of a dorsolateral line of tubercles, tympanum evident, bony protrusions at angle of jaws, absence of vertebral apophyses and of projections on upper eyelids, and parotoid glands small. The new species is distinguished from other species of the group by geographic distribution and by the use of floating mats of vegetation as reproductive site. Copyright © 2010 Magnolia Press.



Advertisement call, Morphology, Pantanal, Rhinella margaritifera group

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Zootaxa, n. 2339, p. 57-68, 2010.