Effect of brief storage in ATP solution on periodontal healing after replantation of teeth in rats

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Zanetta‐Barbosa, Darceny
Perri de Carvalho, Antonio César
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Abstract ATP solution seems to increase calcium absorption when applied both to dentin and to the pulp before the application of calcium hydroxide. In this study, the effects of a brief storage of teeth in ATP or saline solution before replantation were compared. The right maxillary incisors of 80 male albino rats were extracted and immersed, either directly or after 25 min air‐drying, in ATP or saline solution and then replanted. Eight animals in each group were killed 5, 10, 30, 60 and 90 d after replantation and the teeth were examined histologically. The histometric analysis revealed significant differences between the saline‐ and ATP‐treated group. More new cementum or cementum‐like tissue was deposited over the radicular surface in the ATP‐treated teeth. More root surface area was resorbed and not repaired by new cementum in the saline group and more total root surface was not resorbed or resorbed and repaired in the ATP‐treated group. Based on these findings, it seems reasonable to conclude that brief storage of teeth in ATP solution before replantation may have improved the healing of replanted teeth in rats. Copyright © 1990, Wiley Blackwell. All rights reserved
adenosine triphosphate, cementum deposition, root resorption, tooth replantation
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Dental Traumatology, v. 6, n. 5, p. 193-199, 1990.