Avaliação de grupo de intervenção para as mães/cuidadores de crianças pré-escolares com problemas de comportamento externalizantes

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Bolsoni-Silva, Alessandra Turini [UNESP]
Marturano, Edna Maria

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Negative parental practices may influence the onset and maintenance of externalizing behavior problems, and positive parenting seem to improve children's social skills and reduce behavior problems. The objective of the present study was to describe the effects of an intervention designed to foster parents' social skills related to upbringing practices in order to reduce externalizing problems in children aged 4 to 6 years. Thirteen mothers and two care taker grandmothers took part in the study with an average of four participants per group. To assess intervention effects, we used a repeated measure design with control, pre, and post intervention assessments. Instruments used were: (a) An interview schedule that evaluates the social interactions between parents and children functionally, considering each pair of child's and parent's behaviors as context for one another; (b) A Social Skills Inventory; (c) Child Behavior Checklist - CBCL. Intervention was effective in improving parent general social skills, decreasing negative parental practices and decreasing child behavior problems.



Behavior problems, Child development, Parenting, Prevention

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Interamerican Journal of Psychology, v. 44, n. 3, p. 415-421, 2010.