Thermo-physical properties of cooked ham

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Oliveira, G. S.
Trivelin, M. O.
Lopes, J. F.
Thomeo, J. C.

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Taylor & Francis Inc


Experimental studies were carried out to determine thermal conductivity (k), thermal diffusivity (alpha), specific heat at constant pressure (c(p)), and density (rho) of cooked ham as functions of both sample moisture content (M) and temperature (T). Thermal conductivity was measured using the heat-line-source probe, thermal diffusivity by Dickerson method, specific heat by differential scanning calorimeter, and density by pycnometer assembly. Temperature ranged from 3.0 degrees C to 74.0 degrees C, corresponding to the cooking process, and moisture ranged from 40.0 to 73.0% (w. b.). Equations are provided for alpha as a function of M, c(p) as a function of T, and rho as a function of both M and T. Results for thermal conductivity are compatible with those published in the literature.



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International Journal of Food Properties. Philadelphia: Taylor & Francis Inc., v. 8, n. 2, p. 387-394, 2005.