GBD IAAS Manager: A Tool for Managing Infrastructure-as-a-Service for Private and Hybrid Clouds

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Valencio, Carlos Roberto [UNESP]
Silva, Andrielson Ferreira da [UNESP]
Guimaraes, Diogo Lemos [UNESP]
Cansian, Adriano Mauro [UNESP]
Tronco, Mario Luiz
Roschildt Pinto, Alex Sandro [UNESP]
Horng, S. J.

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The increase in the demand for computing resources with scalable infrastructure and easily managed has stimulated the emergence of IaaS - Infrastructure-as-a-Service - providers in public clouds, as well as the creation of open source IaaS solutions for institutions that prefer to implant their own private cloud. Aiming at expanding the cost-benefit, it is often necessary to integrate public and private cloud services. However, the wide variety of interfaces for communication with the services provided by each solution may impair the management of these clouds by the current environment management tool. In this context, is proposed a management tool for private and hybrid clouds, referred to as GBD IaaS Manager, which offers as original contribution, support for migration of virtual elements to these environments, allowing for a better utilization of computing resources and the load balancing among private and hybrid clouds.



cloud computing, Infrastructure-as-a-Service-IaaS, hybrid cloud management

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2013 International Conference On Parallel And Distributed Computing, Applications And Technologies (pdcat). New York: Ieee, p. 206-211, 2013.