Palatal lymphangioma: A case report

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Delbem, ACB
Correia, M. G.
Pugliesi, DMC
Crivelini, Marcelo Macedo [UNESP]

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Amer Soc Dentistry Child


Lymphangioma is a rare, congenital benign tumor involving vascular malformation, with a great potential for recurrence. It appears during the early years of life and therefore is highly common among children. We report here a five-year-old patient with a simple lymphangioma. The mother of the child reported she had noted the lesion in the palate after an injury in the area with a pen. The recommended treatment was surgical excision since this was a small and well-delimited lesion. Periodic clinical controls for 18 months showed that the mucosa presented normal characteristics, with no signs of recurrence.



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Journal of Dentistry For Children. Chicago: Amer Soc Dentistry Child, v. 68, n. 5-6, p. 344-+, 2001.