Comparison of the tensile bond strengths of cast metal crowns luted with resin cements

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Fonseca, Renata Garcia [UNESP]
dos Santos Cruz, C. A.
Adabo, Gelson Luis [UNESP]
Vaz, Luis Geraldo [UNESP]

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Blackwell Publishing


The limitation of photoactivation of dual-polymerized resin cements along the margins of metal restorations may adversely affect the mechanical properties of these cements, thus impairing the retention of restorations. The aim of this study was to assess the bond strength of cast metal crowns cemented with three dual-polymerized resin cements, using a chemically-activated resin cement and zinc phosphate as controls. Fifty nickel-chromium alloy crowns were cast and randomly assigned to five groups of equal size. Castings were cemented on their corresponding metal dies with one of the tested luting agents: Scotchbond Resin Cement, Enforce and Panavia F (dual-polymerized resin cements), Cement-It (chemically-activated resin cement) and Zinc Phosphate Cement (zinc phosphate cement). Specimens were stored in distilled water at 37 degreesC for 24 h and then loaded in tension until failure. Panavia F and Zinc Phosphate Cement provided the highest and lowest bond strength means, respectively. Scotchbond Resin Cement, Enforce and Cement-It cements exhibited similar intermediate values, but with statistically significant difference compared to the other materials (P < 0.05). Even with the restriction or absence of light activation, all tested dual-polymerized resin cements produced significantly higher bond strength than did the zinc phosphate cement and yielded similar or better results than the chemically activated cement. It should be pointed out that the findings of this study relate to a test scenario which does not mimic clinical circumstances and that further work is required to identify the clinical significance of the reported tensile bond strength differences between the different luting materials.



resin cements, cast metal crowns, tensile bond strength

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Journal of Oral Rehabilitation. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing Ltd, v. 31, n. 11, p. 1080-1084, 2004.