Pró-Saúde e PET-Saúde como espaços de educação interprofissional


This paper aims to reflect on the National Reorientation Program for Health Professional Education (Pro-Health), as articulated with the Education by Work for Health Program (PET-Health); this was the main mobilizing set for interprofessional education adoption based on the challenges identified in the higher education institutions (HEI) that participated in PROPET. The data were obtained from reports (educational institutions and advisers of the Ministry of Health) using the FORMSUS platform. The data analysis consisted of a quantitative systematization and content analysis. It was emerged as themes: concepts and practices in interprofessional education: multi or inter? Interprofessional education and PROPET: unveiling potencies. The analysis indicated that PROPET induced new ways of interaction between the courses and their agents that were involved in real-life scenarios and identified important key points of health education, such as the articulation between education/health service and qualifications for teamwork.



Health education, Public health policy, Teaching care integration services

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Interface: Communication, Health, Education, v. 19, p. 709-720.