Non-isothermal kinetic for lyophilized leachate from sanitary landfill and composting usine

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Lima, Evaneide Nascimento
Crespi, Marisa Spirandeli [UNESP]
Ribeiro, Clovis Augusto [UNESP]
de Almeida, Sonia

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Leachate samples from a sanitary landfill of Araraquara city and composting usine of Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo, Brazil were lyophilized to remove the water content. TG/DTG curves at different heating rates were recorded. The second step of the thermal decomposition of leachate from the Araraquara landfill (CB1), from the composting usine from Vila Leopoldina (CB2) from the organic phase extracted (FO) and aqueous phase (FA) were all kinetically evaluated using the non-isothermal method.By Flynn-Wall isoconversional method the following values were obtained: E=234 +/- 3.65 kJ mol(-1) and logA=29.7 +/- 0.58 min(-1) for CB1; E=129 +/- 1.66 kJ mol(-1) and logA=11.8 +/- 0.10 min(-1) for CB2; E=51.6 +/- 1.35 kJ mol(-1) and logA=6.09 +/- 0.09 min(-1) for FO and E=76.91 +/- 6.33 kJ mol(-1) and logA=8.88 +/- 0.7 min(-1) for FA with 95% confidence level. Applying the procedures of Malek and Koga, SB kinetic model (Sestak-Berggren) is the most appropriate to describe the decomposition of CB1, CB2, FO and FA.



kinetic parameters, leachate, non-isothermal kinetic

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Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. Dordrecht: Springer, v. 90, n. 3, p. 823-826, 2007.