Dielectric properties of Pb Nb2 O6 ferroelectric ceramics at cryogenic temperatures

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Complex dielectric permittivity measurements in Pb Nb2 O6 ceramics were performed in a frequency and temperature range of 1 kHz-1 MHz and from 15 to 900 K, respectively. The results revealed two dielectric anomalies showing typical characteristics of relaxor ferroelectric materials at cryogenic temperatures. Comparison with other tetragonal tungsten bronze (TTB) structure-type materials suggests the existence of successive phase transitions, which until now were not reported. The observed low temperature dielectric behaviors seem to be due to intrinsic physical characteristics related to the TTB structure. © 2007 American Institute of Physics.



Lead compounds, Natural frequencies, Permittivity, Phase transitions, Cryogenic temperatures, Dielectric anomalies, Dielectric permittivity measurements, Temperature range, Ferroelectric ceramics

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Applied Physics Letters, v. 91, n. 6, 2007.