On the performance of a dual-mode non-linear vibration energy harvesting device

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Ramlan, Roszaidi
Brennan, Michael J. [UNESP]
Mace, Brian R.
Burrow, Stephen G.

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Sage Publications Ltd


The research trend for harvesting energy from the ambient vibration sources has moved from using a linear resonant generator to a non-linear generator in order to improve on the performance of a linear generator; for example, the relatively small bandwidth, intolerance to mistune and the suitability of the device for low-frequency applications. This article presents experimental results to illustrate the dynamic behaviour of a dual-mode non-linear energy-harvesting device operating in hardening and bi-stable modes under harmonic excitation. The device is able to change from one mode to another by altering the negative magnetic stiffness by adjusting the separation gap between the magnets and the iron core. Results for the device operating in both modes are presented. They show that there is a larger bandwidth for the device operating in the hardening mode compared to the equivalent linear device. However, the maximum power transfer theory is less applicable for the hardening mode due to occurrence of the maximum power at different frequencies, which depends on the non-linearity and the damping in the system. The results for the bi-stable mode show that the device is insensitive to a range of excitation frequencies depending upon the input level, damping and non-linearity.



non-linear energy harvesting, hardening, bi-stable, Duffing oscillator

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Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures. London: Sage Publications Ltd, v. 23, n. 13, p. 1423-1432, 2012.