Ultrasound Effect in the Removal of Intraradicular Posts Cemented with Different Materials

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Berbert, Fabio Luiz Camargo Vilella
Espir, Camila Galletti
Crisci, Fernando Simões
Ferrarezz, Marcelo
de Andrade, T.
Chávez-Andrade, Gisselle Moraima
Leonardo, Renato de Toledo
Saad, José Roberto Cury
Segalla, José Claudio Martins
Vaz, Luiz Geraldo

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AIM: This study evaluated the effect of ultrasonic vibration on the tensile strength required to remove intraradicular post cemented with different materials. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Bovine teeth were selected, and 7 mm of the cervical root canals were prepared to size 5 Largo drill, the posts were cemented with zinc phosphate, Enforce (resin) or Rely X (glass ionomer). The specimens were divided into six groups (n = 10), according to the following procedures: GI-cementation with zinc phosphate associated with traction force; GII-cementation with zinc phosphate associated with ultrasonic activation and traction force; G111-cementation with Enforce associated with traction force; GIV-cementation with Enforce associated with ultrasonic activation and traction force; GV-cementation with Rely X associated with traction force; and GVI-cementation with Rely X associated with ultrasonic activation and traction force. The tensile test was conducted using the electromechanical testing machine, the force was determined by a specialized computer program and ultrasonic activation using the Jet Sonic Four Plus (Gnatus) device in 10P. RESULTS: Concerning to average ranking, GI showed statistically significant difference in comparison with GII and GVI (p < 0.05); there was no statistical difference in GIII and GIV when compared to other groups (p > 0.05). CONCLUSION: The ultrasound favored the intraradicular post traction regardless of the employed cement in greater or lesser extent. CLINICAL SIGNIFICANCE: The post removal is a routine practice in the dental office, therefore, new solutions and better alternatives are need to the practitioner. We did not find in the literature many articles referring to this practice. Thus, the results from this study are relevant in the case planning and to promote more treatment options.



Basso KCFJ, Chavez-Andrade GM, Crisci FS, Dantas AAR. Ultrasound Effect in the Removal of Intrara-dicular Posts Cemented with Different Materials. J Contemp Dent Pract 2015;16(6):437-441. Source of support: Nil Conflict of interest: None., de Andrade MF, de Toledo Leonardo R, Dental cements, Espir CG, Saad JRC, Segalla JCM, Tensile strength, Ultrasonics. How to cite this article: Berbert FLCV, Vaz LG

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The journal of contemporary dental practice, v. 16, n. 6, p. 437-441, 2015.