PT-symmetry management in oligomer systems

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Horne, R. L.
Cuevas, J.
Kevrekidis, P. G.
Whitaker, N.
Abdullaev, F. Kh [UNESP]
Frantzeskakis, D. J.

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Iop Publishing Ltd


We study the effects of management of the PT-symmetric part of the potential within the setting of Schrodinger dimer and trimer oligomer systems. This is done by rapidly modulating in time the gain/loss profile. This gives rise to a number of interesting properties of the system, which are explored at the level of an averaged equation approach. Remarkably, this rapid modulation provides for a controllable expansion of the region of exact PT-symmetry, depending on the strength and frequency of the imposed modulation. The resulting averaged models are analysed theoretically and their exact stationary solutions are translated into time-periodic solutions through the averaging reduction. These are, in turn, compared with the exact periodic solutions of the full non-autonomous PT-symmetry managed problem and very good agreement is found between the two.



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Journal Of Physics A-mathematical And Theoretical. Bristol: Iop Publishing Ltd, v. 46, n. 48, 19 p., 2013.