A new species of Nissolia Jacq. (Leguminosae, Papilionoideae) from Northern Brazil, recording a new gland type for the genus

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de Castro Silva, Isabella Cristina [UNESP]
de Moura, Tânia Maria
Gissi, Danilo Soares [UNESP]
Fortuna Perez, Ana Paula [UNESP]

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During our taxonomic study of Nissolia Jacq. (Leguminosae), a new species from Northern Brazil was discovered. Distinct from other species of the genus by its outstanding bracts, Nissolia bracteosa is described and illustrated here. This taxon is distinguished from its related species mainly by its conspicuous stipules, 6–8 x 4–7 mm in the new species (vs. 4–6 x 2–3 mm in N. bracteosa and 2–5 x 1–2 mm in N. brasiliensis). In addition, a new gland type (secretory emergences) is reported.



Adesmia clade, Fabaceae, Secretory structures, Taxonomy

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Phytotaxa, v. 482, n. 1, p. 80-86, 2021.