Nonchaotic laser pulse dissociation through deformed tori

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De Lima, Emanuel F.
De Carvalho, R. Egydio [UNESP]
Forlevesi, M. D. [UNESP]

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We consider the nonlinear classical dynamics of a diatomic molecule under the action of a laser field in the framework of the driven Morse oscillator model. We investigate the influence of the dipole function and the laser field on the deformations of the surviving, invariant tori. For intense and high-frequency fields, some invariant tori traverse the separatrix of motion, visiting both the bound and unbound regions of the interatomic potential. Based on this fact, we propose the use of appropriately designed laser pulses to induce dissociation of trajectories on such invariant tori. This mechanism constitutes a controlled nonchaotic route for dissociation, which is an alternative to chaotic multiphoton dissociation and to chirped pulse dissociation.



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Physical Review E, v. 101, n. 2, 2020.