A review of the regulatory norms of work in Brazil within the context of biosafety in dentistry

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Soares, A. F.
Gomes de Moraes, G. A. [UNESP]
Menezes, M. L. [UNESP]

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Biosecurity in dentistry is a subject on which there is little discussion in the literature, and in general, the articles found are addressed to dental surgeons and undergraduates. Therefore, it was necessary to conduct a study concerning the work of the dental school faculty member, by inserting it into the context of biosafety, as a professional class subject to all types of occupational risks, thus deserving all the labor and social security rights that Brazilian legislation offers. Occupational infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and C and AIDS are cause for concern among health professionals. In this research, it was determined that dentistry professionals, in general, are exposed to a number of environmental risks defined in Ordinance 3.214/78, in accordance with the regulatory standards of the Ministry of Labor and Employment. Therefore they deserve to receive the additional protection that the law provides, in these specific cases.



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Occupational Safety and Hygiene III - Selected Extended and Revised Contributions from the International Symposium on Safety and Hygiene, p. 155-158.