Interdisciplinary Educational Practices: development of knowledge and skills for the training of teachers of the Interdisciplinary Pibid

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Prado Sadoyama, Adriana dos Santos [UNESP]
Andrade, Leonardo Santos
Castro, Paulo Alexandre de
Rosalem, Vagner
Sadoyama, Geraldo
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Univ Federal Sergipe
Interdisciplinary educational practices for the development of knowledge and skills for teachers Supervisors of the Institutional Program for Teaching Initiation Grants (Pibid), specifically the Interdisciplinary subproject of the Federal University of Goias- Regional of Catalao / Brazil, has been a great challenge. This led us to the problematizing question of this research: how will this teacher with domain of specific disciplines deal with the formation of Pibidians of several areas of knowledge in an integrative way? The analysis of teachers' responses correlating knowledge and teaching tasks in the areas of knowledge proposed by the subproject is the main scope of this article. The methodology was based on a content analysis of the data collected from the application of the questionnaire. The results show that teachers understand the completion of the interdisciplinary proposal and feel, even pointing out difficulties in the development of educational practices, part of the process and development of knowledge and teaching tasks in an interdisciplinary perspective.
Teacher training, Pibid, Knowledge and practices interdisciplinary teaching
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Revista Edapeci-educacao A Distancia E Praticas Educativas Comunicacionais E Interculturais. Sergipe: Univ Federal Sergipe, v. 16, n. 3, p. 413-426, 2016.