Comparison between different conditions of the chemical polymerization of polyaniline on top of PET films

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Job, Aldo E. [UNESP]
Herrmann Júnior, Paulo S. P.
Vaz, Denise O.
Mattoso, Luiz H. C.
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Composites produced during the in situ chemical polymerization of aniline on top of a poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) film, in different conditions, were studied by open-circuit potential (Voc), ultraviolet-visible, and infrared spectroscopy, electrical conductivity measurements, scanning electron microscopy, and atomic force microscopy. The polymerization monitoring by Voc showed a maximum associated with the intermediate pernigraniline oxidation state and a final formation of polyaniline (PANI) in the doped emeraldine salt (ES) form. Furthermore, high electrical conductivity values were obtained for the PANI-ES coating prepared under selected conditions. A globular formation was observed for the doped PANI-ES coating with globules of sizes of the same order and same shape of the PET, demonstrating the influence of the substrate on the coating morphology.
Atomic force microscopy, Conductive films, Electric conductivity of solids, Electric potential, Infrared spectroscopy, Morphology, Oxidation, Plastic films, Polyethylene terephthalates, Polymerization, Scanning electron microscopy, Polyaniline, Composite materials
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Journal of Applied Polymer Science, v. 79, n. 7, p. 1220-1229, 2001.