Mental health in primary care: experience of matrix strategy in the rural area

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Cardoso dos Santos, Lucas [UNESP]
Silva Domingos, Thiago da [UNESP]
Mara Braga, Eliana [UNESP]
Carla Spiri, Wilza [UNESP]

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Assoc Brasileira Enfermagem


Objective: to report the development of Mental Health actions shared between the Family Health Strategy located in a rural area and the Matrix Support Team by showing the communication resulting from this singular configuration. Method: report of experience about the implementation of actions of the Family Health Support Center (Portuguese acronym: NASF) in mental health care for a rural population. Results: the following health needs were identified: psychoactive drugs consumption, lack of activities for collective care and difficulty with access to service. The expansion of actions and intersectoral involvement of actors were demonstrated as the educational attitudes were implemented. Final considerations: the articulation between family health workers, matrix support and community was key for the implementation of mental health care aligned with the psychosocial approach.



Primary Health Care, Health Mental, Rural Health Services, Family Health, Interprofessional Relations

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Revista Brasileira De Enfermagem. Brasilia Df: Assoc Brasileira Enfermagem, v. 73, n. 1, 5 p., 2020.