Tinkertoys for the twisted D-series

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Chacaltana, Oscar [UNESP]
Distler, Jacques
Trimm, Anderson

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We study 4D N = 2 superconformal field theories that arise from the compactification of 6D N = (2, 0) theories of type D-N on a Riemann surface, in the presence of punctures twisted by a Z(2) outer automorphism. Unlike the untwisted case, the family of SCFTs is in general parametrized, not by M-g,M-n, but by a branched cover thereof. The classification of these SCFTs is carried out explicitly in the case of the D-4 theory, in terms of three-punctured spheres and cylinders, and we provide tables of properties of twisted punctures for the D-5 and D-6 theories. We find realizations of Spin(8) and Spin(7) gauge theories with matter in all combinations of vector and spinor representations with vanishing beta-function, as well as Sp(3) gauge theories with matter in the 3-index traceless antisymmetric representation.



Supersymmetry and Duality, Extended Supersymmetry, Duality in Gauge Field Theories

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Journal Of High Energy Physics. New York: Springer, n. 4, p. 1-78, 2015.