Reconstruction of interacting dark energy models from parametrizations

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Rosenfeld, Rogério [UNESP]

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American Physical Soc


Models with interacting dark energy can alleviate the cosmic coincidence problem by allowing dark matter and dark energy to evolve in a similar fashion. At a fundamental level, these models are specified by choosing a functional form for the scalar potential and for the interaction term. However, in order to compare to observational data it is usually more convenient to use parametrizations of the dark energy equation of state and the evolution of the dark matter energy density. Once the relevant parameters are fitted, it is important to obtain the shape of the fundamental functions. In this paper I show how to reconstruct the scalar potential and the scalar interaction with dark matter from general parametrizations. I give a few examples and show that it is possible for the effective equation of state for the scalar field to cross the phantom barrier when interactions are allowed. I analyze the uncertainties in the reconstructed potential arising from foreseen errors in the estimation of fit parameters and point out that a Yukawa-like linear interaction results from a simple parametrization of the coupling.



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Physical Review D. College Pk: American Physical Soc, v. 75, n. 8, 6 p., 2007.