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Dalberio, Osvaldo [UNESP]

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Angelo Marocco


In this text they present the concepts of methods utilized in several moments of the history of the human thought. Also the structuring of the method is visualized while scientific. So, in a first moment, discoveries of observed and communicated reality by the anciente greeks are approached. Methodical point of view was evidencied that Pre-Socrates (the Sophists), Socrates, Plato and Aristotle made use and with him they said of the physical perception or rational of the world. In a nother moment, in the Middle-Ages they accomplished investigation using rational processes applied to some phenomena to look for them truthfulness. On that moment they can be outstanding mainly the priests of the church, Agostinho, the Scholastic, Thomas Aquino, among others. That had fundamentally beginning inside of religious manasteries, in which found itself all intellectual production of humanity. In the Modern-Ages such thinkers appeared like Galileo, Descartes among others that also tried to explain the origin and the implications of the observed phenomena and experienced. In the Contemporary-Ages with Augusto Comte, with Karl Popper, Max Weber just to mention some, the previous procedures were retaken, prefecting them and giving names to them. That was important in the previous thinkers contributed to a conductive profile of the investigatory practice. Thus, there was in the human history fundamental concerns as for the clearing of the internal events and the external ones to the human condition and everything that surrounded it. Starting from the definition of method and of methodology it can settle down a discussion about them in each historical moment detaching their progresses and their prespectives of the science.



Method, Methodology, epistemological discussion of the science

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Informacion Filosofica-revista Internacional De Filosofia Y Ciencias Humanas. Rome: Angelo Marocco, v. 13, n. 24, p. 111-128, 2016.