Herivelto Brandino e a obra mensagem para marimba solo: discussão do processo composicional e performance

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Stasi, Carlos [UNESP]

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Univ Federal Goias


This article points out some elements required for comprehending the work mensagem for marimba solo (2011) by Herivelto Brandino in regard to its compositional process and performance. The text shows how various materials have been chosen for the confection of the work - mainly those related to the act of writing texts - and approaches the composer's queries about the non-necessity, and even the uselessness of composition, performance and artistic objects themselves. At the end we conclude that regardless such a supposed non-necessity of any musical object it is possible to construct a coherent piece based on similar paradoxes that, at first, served to make any compositional work useless.



Composition, Performance, Text, Marimba, Interpretation, Paradox

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Musica Hodie. Goiania Go: Univ Federal Goias, v. 13, n. 2, p. 182-190, 2013.