Evaluation of chitosan gel as antibiotic and photosensitizer delivery

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Fontana, Carla Raquel [UNESP]
dos Santos Junior, David Sotero
Bosco, Joseane Maria
Spolidorio, Denise M. [UNESP]
Marcantonio, Rosemary Adriana Chierici [UNESP]

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Informa Healthcare


This work suggests the use of chitosan gel imbued with the photosensitizer Photogem and with the antibiotic Tetraclin as a possible drug delivery system. The results reveal a decrease in the photosensitizer level of toxicity. Besides, the interaction between Photogem and chitosan gel causes a red shift in the photosensitizer spectrum, increasing its absorption in the therapeutic window (600-700 nm). These characteristics indicate this compound as a promising natural polymer-based photosensitizer carrier for photodynamic therapy. In summary, our results show that pure and doped chitosan gel may have potential application for antimicrobial action, being an excellent alternative when local control of the drug administration, provided by the gel, is required.



antimicrobial, chitosan, chitin, drug release, less toxicity, photosensitizer, spectroscopy

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Drug Delivery. London: Informa Healthcare, v. 15, n. 7, p. 417-422, 2008.