Botulinum toxin for treating unilateral apraxia of eyelid opening in a patient with congenital myotonia

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Fernández, Estrella
Latasiewicz, Marta
Pelegrin, Laura
Romera, Manuel
Schellini, Silvana [UNESP]
Galindo-Ferreiro, Alicia

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A 37-year-old female presented with severe apraxia of lid opening (ALO) affecting the right upper lid associated with Becker congenital myotonia (MC). The patient had a history of right upper lid ptosis for 25 years that was exacerbated over the previous month with severe incapacity to open her right eye. No other associated neurological or ophthalmic symptoms were observed. The patient was treated with botulinum toxin (BoNT-A) injection into the pretarsal and lateral canthus region of the orbicularis oculi of the affected eyelid. Treatment with BoNT-A is an effective method of managing ALO in Becker MC. This is the first case of unilateral ALO in the course of Becker MC that was successfully treated with injections of botulinum toxin.



Apraxias, Botulinum toxins, Case reports, Humans, Myotonia congenita, Oculomotor muscles, Type A

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Arquivos Brasileiros de Oftalmologia, v. 80, n. 5, p. 330-331, 2017.