Utilization of teflon and aluminum oxide for wheel cleaning in Minimum Quantity Lubrication (MQL) grinding

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Barros, Bianca Gomes [UNESP]
Silva, Tiago Da [UNESP]
Canarim, Rubens Chinali [UNESP]
Aguiar, Paulo Roberto De [UNESP]
Bianchi, Eduardo Carlos [UNESP]

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Researches concerning cooling-lubrication optimization in grinding have been conducted to contribute to a more sustainable process. An alternative to flood coolant is minimum quantity lubrication (MQL), which spray oil droplets in a compressed air jet. However, problems related to wheel cleaning were reported, due to wheel loading by a mixture of chips and oil, resulting in worsening of surface quality. This work aims to evaluate the viability of Teflon and aluminum oxide for wheel cleaning, compared to MQL without cleaning and MQL with cleaning by compressed air, through the following output variables: surface roughness, roundness, wheel wear, grinding power and acoustic emission. Vickers microhardness measurements and optical microscopy were also carried out. The results showed that both materials were efficient in cleaning the wheel, compared to MQL without cleaning, but not as satisfactory as compressed air. Much work is to be done in order to select the right material for wheel cleaning.



grinding, CBN grinding wheel, wheel cleaning, minimum quantity lubrication (MQL)

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Materials Research. ABM, ABC, ABPol, v. 17, n. 1, p. 23-32, 2014.