Synthesis, characterization, and application of modified silica in the removal and preconcentration of lead ions from natural river water

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Ferreira, Guilherme [UNESP]
Caetano, Laercio [UNESP]
Castro, Renata S. D. [UNESP]
Padilha, Pedro Magalhaes [UNESP]
Castro, Gustavo Rocha [UNESP]
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This paper describes the synthesis, modification, and application of modified silica for the removal of lead ions from aqueous medium. The modification reaction provided a reduction in surface are from 737 to 399 m(2) g(-1), which was attributed to the 4-amine-2-mercaptopyrimidine molecule attachment onto its surface. The characterization through FTIR spectra demonstrated bands at 3347 cm(-1) assigned to N-H stretching vibrations and the absence of thiol bands at 2600 e 2547 cm(-1) at Si-mod spectrum is an indicative that the attachment occurred via SH groups. The linearization of adsorption isotherm data through the modified Langmuir equation resulted in a maximum adsorption capacity of 2.9 mu mol g(-1). The material was applied in a continuous flow system in the preconcentration of water samples from Parana River and the results were in agreement with metal concentration determined directly through atomic absorption spectrometry with graphite furnace. The method validation was performed through analysis of water standard reference material (1643e), which also presented a 7.2-fold enrichment factor.
Lead ions, Water, Solid phase extraction, Modified silica
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Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy. New York: Springer, v. 13, n. 2, p. 397-402, 2011.