Sanitizers effect in mango pulp and peel antioxidant compounds

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Monaco, Kamila de Almeida [UNESP]
Costa, Sergio Marques [UNESP]
Uliana, Maíra Rodrigues [UNESP]
Lima, Giuseppina Pace Pereira [UNESP]

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Effects of ozonated water as sanitizer method on mango were studied on total phenolics, flavonoids, carotenoids and vitamin C of pulp or peel. Mango cultivar “Palmer” was harvested and subjected to sanitization treatments by immersion in water, chlorinated water (10 minutes sodium hypochlorite 100 mg∙L−1) or ozonated water for 10 and 20 minutes. After the sanitization process, the mangoes were stored at 15˚C ± 1˚C and 85% ± 5% RH for seven days, followed by 4 days of storage at room temperature (simulating the trading period), totaling 11 days after harvested. Mangoes pulp sanitized with ozonated water for 20 minutes showed the highest values of TA, total soluble carbohydrates, vitamin C, carotenoids and flavonoid content. These data suggest that the use of ozonated water may contribute to inducing increase antioxidants compounds.



Ozonated water, Vitamin C, Polyphenol, Carotenoid

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Food and Nutrition Sciences, v. 5, n. 10, p. 929-935, 2014.