Florística comparativa de uma área de cerrado no município de Botocatu, SP Brasil

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Based on the result of a phytosociological survey in a cerrado area located within the municipality of Botucatu, state of São Paulo, Brazil, a comparative analysis of the 58 sampled tree species is here presented using the data of other available floristics works for the cerrados in the same state. With a binary matrix of presence/absence of shared common species with the studied plot a clustering, analysis was performed thus obtaining a dendrogram which groups northern and southern, areas with the same vegetation in the state of São Paulo, previously treated as floristicaly ditterentiated. These results are discussed under the assumption that isolated areas of cerrados are to be taken as targets for immediate conservation.



Cerrado, Brazilian savanna, Floristics

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Arquivos de Biologia e Technologia, v. 39, n. 3, p. 685-691, 1996.