COVID-19: Protocol and Checklist for Nursing Care Management at Urgent Care Units


Background: The 24 h urgent care units (24 h UCU) in Brazil are the main pre-admission hospital process of the public healthcare system and constitute an intermediate modality between primary care and hospital care. These units also provide care in cases of less severity that are not considered urgent. This study aimed to create and validate the content of a graphic protocol and checklist for the nursing care management of patients with a suspicion or confirmation of infection by COVID-19 at urgent care units. Methods: A methodological study was carried out in three phases: construct of items and dimensions of the checklist; evaluation of the checklist by specialists for content validation; and construct and content validation of the graphic protocol. Results: The checklist was evaluated by nine specialists. Eight items received suggestions for changes. Items with a content validity index ≥0.83 were maintained. With regard to content validity, despite the satisfactory level of agreement, the specialists suggested some changes in the writing of eight items. The graphic protocol was evaluated by six specialists and had an overall content validity of 0.97. Conclusion: The checklist with 44 items and three dimensions (Management, Biosafety and Care) and the protocol achieved a satisfactory standard of content validity for use at 24 h urgent care units. This protocol can contribute to the standardization and guidance of nursing actions in suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 at urgent care units, ensuring safe care based on scientific evidence.



coronavirus infections, emergency medical services, nursing, nursing care, validation study

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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, v. 20, n. 3, 2023.