Production and Characterization of Composite Material Useful as a Protective Barrier in Electronic Applications

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This work describes the production and characterization of a selective membrane useful for electronic devices. The membrane was a composite made by a thin film of plasma-polymerized HFE (methyl nonafluoro(iso)butyl ether) immersed in plasma-polymerized HMDS (hexamethyldisilazane) film, a third phase being 5 µm starch particles included in this matrix. The film was deposited on silicon substrates and its physical, chemical and adsorption characteristics were determined. Infrared and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analyses showed fluorine and carboxyl groups on the bulk and the surface, respectively. SEM results indicate the film is conformal even if starch is present. Optical microscopy analysis showed good resistance toward acid and base solutions. Quartz crystal microbalance indicated adsorption of polar organic compounds on ppm range. This thin film is environment-friendly and can be used as a protective layer or in electronic devices due to adsorption of volatile organic compounds.



Adsorbent film, Composite, Plasma deposition, Protective layer

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Materials Science Forum, v. 730-732, p. 232-238, 2012.