Massless scattering at special kinematics as Jacobi polynomials

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We study the scattering equations recently proposed by Cachazo, He and Yuan in the special kinematics where their solutions can be identified with the zeros of the Jacobi polynomials. This allows for a non-trivial two-parameter family of kinematics. We present explicit and compact formulas for the n-gluon and n-graviton partial scattering amplitudes for our special kinematics in terms of Jacobi polynomials. We also provide alternative expressions in terms of gamma functions. We give an interpretation of the common reduced determinant appearing in the amplitudes as the product of the squares of the eigenfrequencies of small oscillations of a system whose equilibrium is the solutions of the scattering equations.



scattering amplitudes, Jacobi polynomials, gluons, gravitons

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Journal Of Physics A-mathematical And Theoretical. Bristol: Iop Publishing Ltd, v. 47, n. 21, 8 p., 2014.