Generalized Stueckelberg-Higgs Gauge Theory

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The aim of this work is to discuss and explore some generalized aspects of generation of photon mass respecting gauge symmetry. We introduce generalized Stueckelberg and Higgs gauge theories and present the classical and quantum frameworks related to them. We construct the quantum theory by writing the transition amplitude in the Fadeev-Senjanovic formalism and put it in a covariant form by the Fadeev-Popov method. We also analyse the independence of the transition amplitude by gauge parameters via BRS-T symmetry. Even in the generalized context, the Stueckelberg structure influences the quantization process of the Higgs theory in the ’t Hooft’s fashion, in which an intimate relationship between the Stueckelberg compensating field and the Goldstone boson arises.



Constrained systems, Gauge theories

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Brazilian Journal of Physics, v. 52, n. 4, 2022.