A First approach on the new transmission system in northern Brazil

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This article shows an analysis of the electrical parameters of a three-phase transmission line section using a relatively new design for steel towers characterized by 280 meters high. These main features, the height of the line conductors and distance between them, are intrinsically related to the longitudinal and transversal parameters of the line. By this means, an analysis was carried out in order to show the electrical variations between a transmission line using the new technology and a conventional 440-kV line through a wide range of frequencies and a variable soil resistivity. © 2012 The Institution of Engineering and Technology.



Brazilian electric system, Line parameters, Tall towers, Transmission line, Electric systems, Electrical parameter, Electrical variations, Line conductors, New design, Soil resistivity, Steel towers, Transmission systems, Electric lines, Phase meters, Transmission line theory, Reliability analysis

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IET Conference Publications, v. 2011, n. 580 CP, 2011.