Synthesis and characterization of phosphorylcholine-substituted chitosans soluble in physiological pH conditions

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Tiera, Marcio J.
Qiu, Xing-Ping
Bechaouch, Sofiane
Shi, Qin
Fernandes, Julio C.
Winnik, Francoise M.

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Amer Chemical Soc


A polymer analogous synthesis involving the reductive amination of phosphorylcholine (PC)-glyceraldehyde with primary amines of deacetylated chitosan (M-w approximate to 57000 g mol(-1)) was used to prepare phosphorylcholine-substituted chitosans (PC-CH) with a degree of substitution (DS) ranging from similar to 11 to similar to 53 mol% PC-substituted glucosamine residues. The PC-CH derivatives were characterized by H-1 NMR spectroscopy, FTIR spectroscopy, and multiangle laser light scattering gel permeation chromatography (MALLS-GPC). The pKa of the PC-substituted amine groups (pKa approximate to 7.20) was determined by H-1 NMR titration. The PC-CH samples (1.0 g L-1) were shown to be nontoxic using an MTT assay performed with human KB cells. Aqueous solutions of PC-CH samples (4.0 g L-(1)) of DS g 22 mol% PC-substituted glucosamine residues remained clear, independently of pH (4.0 < pH < 11.0). The remarkable water solubility and nontoxicity displayed by the new PC-CH samples open up new opportunities in the design of chitosan-based biomaterials and nanoparticles.



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Biomacromolecules. Washington: Amer Chemical Soc, v. 7, n. 11, p. 3151-3156, 2006.