Managing object identity with less I/O operations

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De Almeida, Fabio Renato [UNESP]
Valencio, Carlos Roberto [UNESP]
Ferrizzi, Andre Cid [UNESP]
Tronco, Mario Luiz
De Souza, Rogeria Cristiane Gratao [UNESP]

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Non-conventional database management systems are used to achieve a better performance when dealing with complex data. One fundamental concept of these systems is object identity (OID). Two techniques can be used for the implementation of OIDs: physical or logical. A logical implementation of OIDs, based on an Indirection Table, is used by NuGeM, a multimedia data manager kernel which is described in this paper. NuGeM Indirection Table allows the relocation of all pages in a database. The proposed strategy modifies the workings of this table so that it is possible to reduce considerably the number of I/O operations during the request and release of pages containing objects and their OIDs. Tests show a reduction of 84% in reading operations and a 67% reduction in writing operations when pages are requested. Although no changes were observed in writing operations during the release of pages, a 100% of reduction in reading operations was obtained. © 2012 IEEE.



b+ tree, complex data, direct mapping, hashing, indirect mapping, indirection table, NuGeM, object identifier, object identity, oid, OODBMS

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Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications and Technologies, PDCAT Proceedings, p. 213-218.