Contributions to the future of metaheuristics in the contours of scientific development

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de Souza Sampaio, Nilo Antonio
da Motta Reis, José Salvador [UNESP]
Espuny, Maximilian [UNESP]
Cardoso, Ronald Paland
Gomes, Fabricio Maciel
Pereira, Felix Monteiro
Ferreira, Luís César
Barbosa, Motta
Santos, Gilberto
Silva, Messias Borges [UNESP]

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Metaheuristic algorithms solve optimisation problems by identifying the best combination among a set of variables to enhance a function. Within metaheuristics, the main purpose of this work is that of showing the development of research issues about processes related to optimisation and metaheuristics, with a focus on the projection of those issues with greater possibility of development. Optimization processes is one of the most studied fields in artificial intelligence, optimization, logistics, and other applications The main contributions of this work were the identification of the main issues contained in the themes of process optimization and metaheuristics; an analysis of the expansion and retraction of the aforementioned theme; an understanding of convergence and divergence; and an analysis of the stages of development as presented in the gaps of the fifty most commonly mentioned articles. The main finding was to analyze the development of research topics on optimization processes and metaheuristics, focusing on projecting the topics most likely to develop.



Algorithm, Metaheuristics, Modelling, Optimization

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