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  • Safety of the effective radiation dose received during stroke hospitalization

    Canton, Gregório Platero Autor UNESP; Luvizutto, Gustavo José; Filho, Pedro Tadao Hamamoto Autor UNESP; Minicucci, Marcos Ferreira Autor UNESP; Modolo, Gabriel Pinheiro Autor UNESP; Trindade, André Petean Autor UNESP; Bazan, Rodrigo Autor UNESP; de Souza, Juli Thomaz Autor UNESP (Jornal Vascular Brasileiro, 2021) [Artigo]
    Background: Neuroimaging is widely used for diagnosis and treatment of stroke. However, little is known about whether the radiation doses received by patients comply with international safety guidelines. Objectives: The ...
  • Proteomic analysis of serum samples of paracoccidioidomycosis patients with severe pulmonary sequel

    Dos Santos, Amanda Ribeiro Autor UNESP; Dionizio, Aline; Da Silva Fernandes, Mileni; Rabelo Buzalaf, Marılia Afonso; Pereira, Beatriz Autor UNESP; De Fatima Almeida Donanzam, Debora Autor UNESP; Marrone Ribeiro, Sergio Autor UNESP; Miranda Paniago, Anamaria Mello; De Souza Cavalcante, Ricardo Autor UNESP; Mendes, Rinaldo Poncio Autor UNESP et al. (PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 2021) [Artigo]
    Background Pulmonary sequelae (PS) in patients with chronic paracoccidioidomycosis (PCM) typically include pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema. Knowledge of the molecular pathways involved in PS of PCM is required for treatment ...
  • Identification of Leishmania infantum and Leishmania braziliensis in captive primates from a zoo in Brazil

    Guiraldi, Lívia M. Autor UNESP; dos Santos, Wesley J. Autor UNESP; Manzini, Suzane Autor UNESP; Taha, Nur el H. A.; Aires, Isabella N. Autor UNESP; Ribeiro, Emilly Autor UNESP; Tokuda, Marcos; de Medeiros, Maria Izabel M.; Richini-Pereira, Virgínia B. Autor UNESP; Lucheis, Simone B. Autor UNESP (American Journal of Primatology, 2022) [Artigo]
    Wild nonhuman primates (NHP) are considered natural hosts of a protozoan parasite from the genus Leishmania, the etiological agent of leishmaniasis. It is important to study the population of this infectious agent in zoo ...
  • Quality and dose optimization in canine chest radiography using a digital radiography system

    Souza, Sérgio Augusto Santana de Autor UNESP; Alves, Allan Felipe Fattori Autor UNESP; Locci Nogueira dos Santos, Alexandre Autor UNESP; Alves de Oliveira, Abner Autor UNESP; Mamprim, Maria Jaqueline Autor UNESP; Pina, Diana Rodrigues Autor UNESP (Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2022) [Artigo]
    Radiography is becoming increasingly popular as a diagnostic tool in veterinary radiology services. During radiological procedures, containment of the animal is often necessary to ensure a safe examination. This work aimed ...
  • A biocomplex to repair experimental critical size defects associated with photobiomodulation therapy

    Buchaim, Daniela Vieira Autor UNESP; Andreo, Jesus Carlos; Pomini, Karina Torres; Barraviera, Benedito Autor UNESP; Ferreira, Rui Seabra Autor UNESP; Duarte, Marco Antonio Hungaro; Alcalde, Murilo Priori; Reis, Carlos Henrique Bertoni; de Bortoli Teixeira, Daniel; de Souza Bueno, Cleuber Rodrigo et al. (Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins Including Tropical Diseases, 2022) [Artigo]
    Background: The association of scaffolds to repair extensive bone defects can contribute to their evolution and morphophysiological recomposition. The incorporation of particulate biomaterials into three-dimensional fibrin ...
  • Curettage and electrocoagulation versus surgical excision in the treatment of low-risk basal cell carcinoma – Postoperative follow up and satisfaction at three months: randomized clinical trial

    Bastos, Luan Moura Hortencio Autor UNESP; Carvalho, Larissa Pierri Autor UNESP; Haddad, Gabriela Roncada Autor UNESP; Miola, Anna Carolina Autor UNESP; Schmitt, Juliano Vilaverde Autor UNESP (Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia, 2022) [Artigo]
  • The proteomic landscape of ovarian cancer cells in response to melatonin

    Cesário, Roberta Carvalho Autor UNESP; Gaiotte, Leticia Barbosa Autor UNESP; Cucielo, Maira Smaniotto Autor UNESP; Silveira, Henrique Spaulonci Autor UNESP; Delazari dos Santos, Lucilene Autor UNESP; de Campos Zuccari, Debora Aparecida Pires; Seiva, Fábio Rodrigues Ferreira; Reiter, Russel J.; de Almeida Chuffa, Luiz Gustavo Autor UNESP (Life Sciences, 2022) [Artigo]
    Ovarian cancer (OC) is the most lethal gynecological malignancy with a highly negative prognosis. Melatonin is an indoleamine secreted by the pineal gland during darkness and has shown antitumor activity in both in vitro ...
  • School intervention with recreational motor activity for overweight children

    de Oliveira, Gabriela; Cavenago, Henrique Flore; Goldberg, Tamara Beres Lederer Autor UNESP; Venancio, Emerson José; dos Santos Teixeira, Altamir Autor UNESP; da Silva, Carla Cristiane (Apunts. Educacion Fisica y Deportes, 2022) [Artigo]
    The objective of this study was to verify the effect of a 12-week school intervention with recreational motor skills on parameters of body weight control, motor competence, and physical fitness in overweight students. The ...
  • Efficacy of sunscreen with photolyase or regular sunscreen associated with topical antioxidants in treating advanced photodamage and cutaneous field cancerization: a randomized clinical trial

    Alvares, Bruno Augusto Autor UNESP; Miola, Anna Carolina Autor UNESP; Schimitt, Juliano Vilaverde Autor UNESP; Miot, Helio Amante Autor UNESP; Abbade, Luciana Patricia Fernandes Autor UNESP (Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia, 2022) [Artigo]
    Background: Several treatments are available for skin with advanced photodamage, which is characterized by the presence of actinic keratoses (AK). Objectives: Evaluate the efficacy of using sunscreen with photolyase compared ...
  • Seizures and Headaches in a 34-Year-Old Woman With Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

    Pucci, Gabriela Figueiredo Autor UNESP; Fontes, Robson S. Autor UNESP; Roque, Robson T. Autor UNESP; Nobrega, Vinicius C. Autor UNESP; Berkowitz, Aaron L. (Neurohospitalist, 2022) [Trabalho apresentado em evento]
  • A fingerprint of plasma proteome alteration after local tissue damage induced by Bothrops leucurus snake venom in mice

    Cavalcante, Joeliton dos Santos Autor UNESP; de Almeida, Cayo Antônio Soares; Clasen, Milan Avila; da Silva, Emerson Lucena; de Barros, Luciana Curtolo Autor UNESP; Marinho, Aline Diogo; Rossini, Bruno Cesar Autor UNESP; Marino, Celso Luís Autor UNESP; Carvalho, Paulo Costa; Jorge, Roberta Jeane Bezerra et al. (Journal of Proteomics, 2022) [Artigo]
    Bothrops spp. is responsible for about 70% of snakebites in Brazil, causing a diverse and complex pathophysiological condition. Bothrops leucurus is the main species of medical relevance found in the Atlantic coast in the ...
  • Relationship Between Lipodystrophy, Body Composition, Metabolic Profile, and Serum Levels of Adipocytokines

    Sacilotto, Lívia Bertazzo Autor UNESP; Papini, Silvia Justina Autor UNESP; Mendes, Adriana Lucia Autor UNESP; Gatto, Mariana Autor UNESP; Pereira, Paulo Câmara Marques Autor UNESP; Corrente, José Eduardo Autor UNESP; Silva, Julhiany de Fátima da Autor UNESP (Frontiers in Nutrition, 2021) [Artigo]
    Background: Despite the benefits in improving the clinical state of people living with HIV/aids (PLWHA), some side effects associated with the use of antiretroviral therapy (ART) are reported. Redistribution of body fat ...
  • Randomized controlled trial for evaluation of efficacy and pain during photodynamic therapy for actinic keratosis of face and scalp comparing two irradiation protocols

    ER, Oliveira; AG, Salvio; HA, Miot Autor UNESP; MB, Requena Autor UNESP; MMC, Medeiros; MR, Garcia; LPF, Abbade Autor UNESP (Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy, 2022) [Artigo]
    Background: Pain is a frequent adverse event during photodynamic therapy, which can limit treatment acceptance. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy and pain during photodynamic therapy with two irradiation protocols ...
  • Systematic review and meta-analysis of the safety of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine from randomized controlled trials on malarial and non-malarial conditions

    Souza Botelho, Mayra Autor UNESP; Bolfi, Fernanda Autor UNESP; Leite, Renata Giacomini Occhiuto Ferreira Autor UNESP; Leite, Mauro Salles Ferreira Autor UNESP; Banzato, Luisa Rocco Autor UNESP; Soares, Luiza Teixeira Autor UNESP; Olivatti, Thaina Oliveira Felicio Autor UNESP; Mangolim, Amanda Sampaio Autor UNESP; Oliveira, Flávia Ramos Kazan Autor UNESP; Abbade, Luciana Patrícia Fernandes Autor UNESP et al. (Systematic Reviews, 2021) [Artigo]
    Background: Despite the expectations regarding the effectiveness of chloroquine (CQ) and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) management, concerns about their adverse events have remained. Objectives: ...
  • MRSA among burn patients: Relevance, epidemiology and control

    Fortaleza, Carlos Magno Castelo Branco Autor UNESP; de Lourdes Ribeiro de Souza da Cunha, Maria Autor UNESP (The Encyclopedia of Bacteriology Research Developments, 2021) [Capítulo de livro]
    Burn wounds provide ideal conditions for colonization and infection with several bacteria. This, alongside with the extensive use of antimicrobials in burn units, facilitates the spread of multidrug-resistant organisms ...
  • Corona protein impacts on alternating current biosusceptometry signal and circulation times of differently coated MnFe2O4nanoparticles

    Prospero, Andre Gonçalves Autor UNESP; Buranello, Lais Pereira Autor UNESP; Fernandes, Carlos Ah Autor UNESP; Dos Santos, Lucilene Delazari Autor UNESP; Soares, Guilherme Autor UNESP; C Rossini, Bruno Autor UNESP; Zufelato, Nícholas; Bakuzis, Andris Figueiroa; De Mattos Fontes, Marcos R Autor UNESP; De Arruda Miranda, José R Autor UNESP (Nanomedicine, 2021) [Artigo]
    Background: We evaluated the impacts of corona protein (CP) formation on the alternating current biosusceptometry (ACB) signal intensity and in vivo circulation times of three differently coated magnetic nanoparticles ...
  • Candida tropicalis systemic infection redirects leukocyte infiltration to the kidneys attenuating encephalomyelitis

    Munhoz-Alves, Natália Autor UNESP; Mimura, Luiza Ayumi Nishiyama Autor UNESP; Viero, Rosa Marlene Autor UNESP; Bagagli, Eduardo Autor UNESP; Peron, Jean Pierre Schatzmann; Sartori, Alexandrina Autor UNESP; Fraga-Silva, Thais Fernanda de Campos Autor UNESP (Journal of Fungi, 2021) [Artigo]
    Environmental factors, including infections, are strongly associated with the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis (MS), which is an autoimmune and demyelinating disease of the central nervous system (CNS). Although classically ...
  • Pain modulated by Bothrops snake venoms: Mechanisms of nociceptive signaling and therapeutic perspectives

    Cavalcante, Joeliton dos Santos Autor UNESP; Nogueira Júnior, Francisco Assis; Bezerra Jorge, Roberta Jeane; Almeida, Cayo (Toxicon, 2021) [Artigo]
    Snake venoms are substances mostly composed by proteins and peptides with high biological activity. Local and systemic effects culminate in clinical manifestations induced by these substances. Pain is the most uncomfortable ...
  • Fast and reliable detection of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies based on surface plasmon resonance

    Basso, Caroline Rodrigues Autor UNESP; Malossi, Camila Dantas Autor UNESP; Haisi, Amanda Autor UNESP; De Albuquerque Pedrosa, Valber Autor UNESP; Barbosa, Alexandre Naime Autor UNESP; Grotto, Rejane Tommasini Autor UNESP; Araujo Junior, João Pessoa Autor UNESP (Analytical Methods, 2021) [Artigo]
    Researchers worldwide have been studying alternatives to detect SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), and accurate and timely diagnosis is crucial for controlling the outbreaks of the disease. Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) is an effective ...
  • Trypanosoma spp. In captive primates in a brazilian zoo

    Dos Santos, Wesley Jose Autor UNESP; Guiraldi, Livia Maisa Autor UNESP; Dos Santos Paixão arques, Mirian Autor UNESP; Alves-Martin, Maria Fernanda0000-0001-9558-646X Autor UNESP; Sanchez, Gabriela Pacheco; Da Silva, Daniela Barbosa Autor UNESP; Richini-Pereira, Virgínia Bodelão Autor UNESP; Kurokawa, Cilmery Suemi Autor UNESP; Lucheis, Simone Baldini Autor UNESP (Journal of Tropical Pathology, 2021) [Artigo]
    Captive animals, despite the constant care provided, are susceptible to infections from different sources. We herein report the natural trypanosome infection of 11 (28.2% positive) out of 39 non-human primates from 13 ...

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