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  • Characterization of grazing bifurcation in airfoils with control surface freeplay nonlinearity

    Vasconcellos, Rui M. G. Autor UNESP; Abdelkefi, Abdessattar; Marques, Flavio D.; Hajj, Muhammad R. (Eurodyn 2014: Ix International Conference On Structural Dynamics, 2014) [Trabalho apresentado em evento]
    A variety of nonlinear features is obtained from aeroelastic systems with discontinuous nonlinearity motivates investigations that may support future applications in controls design, flutter prediction problems, and energy ...
  • Influence of structural nonlinearities in stall-induced aeroelastic response of pitching airfoils

    Pereira, Daniel A.; Vasconcellos, Rui M. G. Autor UNESP; Marques, Flávio D. (Eurodyn 2014: Ix International Conference On Structural Dynamics, 2014) [Trabalho apresentado em evento]
    Stall-induced vibrations are a relevant aeroelastic problem for very flexible aero-structures. Helicopter blades, wind turbines, or other rotating components are severely inflicted to vibrate in stall condition during each ...
  • Compressible modes in a square lid-driven cavity

    Bergamo, Leandro Fernandes; Gennaro, Elmer Mateus Autor UNESP; Theofilis, Vassilis; Medeiros, Marcello Augusto Faraco (Aerospace Science And Technology, 2015) [Artigo]
    This paper studies the effect of compressibility on the linear stability of a two-dimensional lid-driven cavity flow in the subsonic regime. The base flow is generated by high fidelity direct numerical simulation and a ...
  • A study of the errors of the averaged models in the restricted three-body problem in a short time scale

    Domingos, Rita de Cássia Autor UNESP; Prado, Antonio Fernando Bertachini de Almeida; Moraes, Rodolpho Vilhena de (Computational and Applied Mathematics, 2015) [Artigo]
    The objective of the present research is to study the accuracy of the double- and single-averaged models that are usually considered to predict the motion of spacecrafts or celestial bodies that have their motion perturbed ...