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  • There is always something to teach, there is always something to learn: How and why should we teach mathematics to senior people?

    de Lima, Luciano Feliciano Autor UNESP; Penteado, Miriam Godoy Autor UNESP; da Silva, Guilherme Henrique Gomes Autor UNESP (Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, 2019) [Artigo]
    This paper is related to the development of educative actions with senior people. More specifically, it refers to the Mathematical Education promoted in the space of university extension activities. It is considered that ...

    Afonso, Suzete M. Autor UNESP; Furtado, Andre L. (Rocky Mountain Journal Of Mathematics, 2020) [Artigo]
    By applying a Mawhin continuation theorem of coincidence degree theory, we establish sufficient conditions for the existence of a periodic solution for a class of impulsive neutral differential equations. The procedure ...
  • A unified model for accelerating unsupervised iterative re-ranking algorithms

    Pisani, Flavia; Pascotti Valem, Lucas Autor UNESP; Guimaraes Pedronette, Daniel Carlos Autor UNESP; S. Torres, Ricardo da; Borin, Edson; Breternitz, Mauricio (Concurrency And Computation-practice & Experience, 2020) [Artigo]
    Despite the continuous advances in image retrieval technologies, performing effective and efficient content-based searches remains a challenging task. Unsupervised iterative re-ranking algorithms have emerged as a promising ...
  • Essay about how Macunaima helped me to speak about Mathematics Education

    Lins, Romulo Autor UNESP (Bolema-mathematics Education Bulletin-boletim De Educacao Matematica, 2011) [Artigo]
    As if aesthetics were not content. But as we are faced with some other language (frequently called incorrect), our inclination is to correct it or to want to correct it: not luv, boy! But that's what we hear, not what ...
  • A Philosophical Study of Research in Mathematics Education in Brazil

    Viggiani Bicudo, Maria Aparecida Autor UNESP; Paulo, Rosa Monteiro Autor UNESP (Bolema-mathematics Education Bulletin-boletim De Educacao Matematica, 2011) [Artigo]
    In this research we present a meta-comprehension about the research on Mathematics Education developed in Brazil through an hermeneutical analysis of the texts presented and discussed on the III SIPEM - International Seminar ...
  • History of Mathematics in Mathematics Education context: contributions of GPHM

    Sverzut Baroni, Rosa Lucia Autor UNESP; Teixeira, Marcos Vieira Autor UNESP; Nobre, Sergio Roberto Autor UNESP (Bolema-mathematics Education Bulletin-boletim De Educacao Matematica, 2011) [Artigo]
    In this article we tried to show the paths outlined during the past years by the Research Group on History of Mathematics and/or its relations with Mathematics Education (GPHM) at UNESP in Rio Claro - Brazil, as well as ...
  • The Practice of Mathematics Teachers and Collaboration: a reflection from virtual educational processes

    Sguerra Miskulin, Rosana Giaretta Autor UNESP; Penteado, Miriam Godoy Autor UNESP; Richit, Andriceli Autor UNESP; Mariano, Carla Regina (Bolema-mathematics Education Bulletin-boletim De Educacao Matematica, 2011) [Artigo]
    This text presents some reflections about the educational and virtual processes of mathematics teachers drawing on research on the theme. Thus, in this text, considering our experiences with the development of online ...
  • Itineraries of the Study and Research Group in Ethnomathematics and its Relationship with Mathematics Education

    Scandiuzzi, Pedro Paulo Autor UNESP; Luebeck, Marcos (Bolema-mathematics Education Bulletin-boletim De Educacao Matematica, 2011) [Artigo]
    This paper outlines the formation, dynamics and some of the paths taken by the Research and Study Group on Ethnomathematics and its relationship with the Graduation Program in Mathematics Education, presenting a history ...
  • A Characterisation of the Centre for Mathematics Education (Centro de Educacao Matematica - CEM), 1984-1997, as a Community of Practice for the Professional Development of Mathematics Teachers

    Silva, Heloisa da Autor UNESP (Bolema-mathematics Education Bulletin-boletim De Educacao Matematica, 2010) [Artigo]
    This paper presents some results of a study on the Centre for Mathematics Education (Centro de Educacao Matematica, CEM), a group of mathematics educators from the city of Sao Paulo-SP (Brazil), active mainly during the ...
  • Agricultural Colleges and Mathematics Education: Stories, Practices and Marginalization

    Cury, Fernando Guedes Autor UNESP (Bolema-mathematics Education Bulletin-boletim De Educacao Matematica, 2008) [Resenha]
  • Reaction-diffusion equations in a noncylindrical thin domain

    Pereira, Jamil V. Autor UNESP; Silva, Ricardo P. Autor UNESP (Boundary Value Problems, 2013) [Artigo]
    In this paper we are concerned with nonlinear reaction-diffusion equations posed in a time-dependent family of domains {Omega(epsilon)(t)}(t is an element of R) subset of Rn+1 which collapses to a lower dimensional set as ...
  • Geometrically uniform hyperbolic codes

    Lazari, Henrique Autor UNESP; Palazzo, Reginado (Computational & Applied Mathematics, 2005) [Artigo]
    In this paper we generalize the concept of geometrically uniform codes, formerly employed in Euclidean spaces, to hyperbolic spaces. We also show a characterization of generalized coset codes through the concept of G-linear codes.
  • Letters from foreign mathematicians about the context of Brazil in the 1970's

    Trivizoli, Lucieli M. Autor UNESP (Bolema - Mathematics Education Bulletin, 2019) [Artigo]
    The International Symposium on Dynamical Systems was held in Salvador, in 1971, with the participation of important Brazilian and foreign mathematicians. Steve Smale, distinguished mathematician and winner of the Fields ...
  • Some results on extension of maps and applications

    Biasi, Carlos; Libardi, Alice K. M. Autor UNESP; De Melo, Thiago Autor UNESP; Dos Santos, Edivaldo L. (Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh Section A: Mathematics, 2019) [Artigo]
    This paper concerns extension of maps using obstruction theory under a non-classical viewpoint. It is given a classification of homotopy classes of maps and as an application it is presented a simple proof of a theorem by ...
  • The (reasonable) effectiveness of mathematics in empirical science

    Silva, Jairo Jose da Autor UNESP (Disputatio-philosophical Research Bulletin, 2018) [Artigo]
    I discuss here the pragmatic problem in the philosophy of mathematics, that is, the applicability of mathematics, particularly in empirical science, in its many variants. My point of depart is that all sciences are formal, ...
  • Multimedia Retrieval Through Unsupervised Hypergraph-Based Manifold Ranking

    Guimaraes Pedronette, Daniel Carlos Autor UNESP; Valem, Lucas Pascotti Autor UNESP; Almeida, Jurandy; Tones, Ricardo da S. (Ieee Transactions On Image Processing, 2019) [Artigo]
    Accurately ranking images and multimedia objects are of paramount relevance in many retrieval and learning tasks. Manifold learning methods have been investigated for ranking mainly due to their capacity of taking into ...
  • Cobordism of maps of locally orientable Witt spaces

    Brasselet, Jean-Paul; Miwa Libardi, Alice Kimie Autor UNESP; Rizziolli, Eliris Cristina Autor UNESP; Saia, Marcelo Jose (Publicationes Mathematicae-debrecen, 2019) [Artigo]
    The aim of this work is to present some remarks on cobordism of normally nonsingular maps between compact locally orientable Witt spaces. By using the Wu classes defined by Goresky and Pardon, we give a definition of ...
  • Existence and uniqueness of solution for abstract differential equations with state-dependent delayed impulses

    Hernandez, Eduardo; Azevedo, Katia A. G.; Gadotti, Marta C. Autor UNESP (Journal Of Fixed Point Theory And Applications, 2019) [Artigo]
    We study the existence and uniqueness of mild and classical solutions for a general class of abstract impulsive differential equations with state-dependent impulses. Some examples on partial differential equations are presented.
  • A Multi-agent System Approach for Management of Industrial IoT Devices in Manufacturing Processes

    Cagnin, Renato L. Autor UNESP; Guilherme, Ivan R. Autor UNESP; Queiroz, Jonas Autor UNESP; Paulo, Bruno Autor UNESP; Neto, Marcilio F. O. Autor UNESP; IEEE (2018 Ieee 16th International Conference On Industrial Informatics (indin), 2018) [Trabalho apresentado em evento]
    Industry 4.0 is the new industrial revolution that uses technologies to enable communication and interaction between devices. In this new environment, applications are designed to ensure concepts like connection, data ...

    Guimaraes Pedronette, Daniel Carlos Autor UNESP; Torres, Ricardo da S.; IEEE (2014 Ieee International Conference On Image Processing (icip), 2014) [Trabalho apresentado em evento]
    This paper presents a novel manifold learning approach that takes into account the intrinsic dataset geometry. The dataset structure is modeled in terms of a Correlation Graph and analyzed using Strongly Connected Components ...

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